The short-stay paid parking scheme – BLUE ZONE is being introduced in public streets, squares and car parks, owned by the Municipality after a decision of the Sofia Municipal Council and by order of the mayor of Sofia in accordance with his legal powers and the schemes adopted by the Sofia Municipal Council.

Only vehicles weighing up to 2.5 tons and minibuses or buses that seat up to 12 passengers are allowed to park in the Blue Zone.

The scheme is in force on weekdays from 08.00 to 19.00.

Vehicles may be parked in the Blue Zone only in line with the instruction signs and only in the designated areas. After the permitted time has expired, the vehicle will be removed by tow truck.

The mayor of Sofia has the right to temporarily or permanently close parts of or complete sections of the Blue Zone whenever properly licensed public or private events are being held.

Parking places in the open-air parking zones for short-stay paid parking known as the Blue Zone are indicated by road surface markings, and road signs and signboards on which are indicated the terms for parking. CCTV and photographic cameras may be installed to monitor the spaces.    

Map of short-stay paid parking zones (PDF)



  • Sings in the BLUE ZONE for short-stay paid parking 2009-08-14 12:30:28

    D4 “One-way traffic after the sign” D13 “Beginning of the zone of effect of the displayed road sign” T15 “Working days” T10 “Effective period of the road sign” T17 “Sign with text” - Specifies the length of stay in the zone marked with...