The Tram and trolley traffic in the capital is carried out by Electrotransport EAD

Electrotransport EAD is a joint-stock company managed by its Board of Directors, through its Executive Director. The following units are included in the structures of Electrotransport EAD: Central Department, three tram depots, two trolley depots and the "Transenergo" Department.

In 1998, "Tram Transport", "Trolley Transport" and "Transenergo" merged in a joint-stock company. The composition of Electrotransport EAD includes three tram depots: "Banishora", "Krasna Polyana" and "Iskar", two trolley depots: "Iskar" and "Nadezhda" .

"Transenergo and Railway Track" is a separate department under SKGT "Electrotransport" AD. It is responsible for the power supply: Converting substations, as well as the Catenary System and the Cable networks.


As of Juni 2007, daily 178 trams and 103 trolley-buses, distributed in 16 tram and 9 trolley lines.

The power supply of the electric transport in Sofia is delivered by 24 converting substations, with a total installed capacity of 125950 kW, with more than 73 rectifying aggregates and more than 440 terminal fields.

The overhead network exceeds 263 km - tram and 257 trolley, and the cable network is more than 740 km.
Electrotransport EAD 193 "Knyaginya Maria Louisa" Blvd
Tel. : (02) 931-80-85, Tel./Fax: (02)931-61-84
е-mail: eltrans@applet-bg.com
tram depot: "Banishora" 193 "Knyaginya Maria Louisa" Blvd
Tel. : (02) 831-70-93, Fax: (02) 831-61-84
tram depot "Krasna Polyana" 140, "Nikola Mushanov" Blvd.
Tel.: (02) 920-23-35
tram depot "Iskar" Gara Iskar, 5 "5003" Str.
Tel.: (02) 973-23-07
Trolley depot "Nadezhda" 28 "Podp. Kalitin" Str.
Tel.: (02) 831-81-35; Fax: (02) 832-60-87,
Trolley depot "Iskar" 7 "Bezimenna" Str.
Tel.: (02) 973-25-17
"Transenergo and Railway track" 16 "Kozloduy" Str.
Tel.: (02) 931-81-19,Fax: (02) 831-19-92
E-mail: office@transenergo-bg.com
"Tramkar" 126 "Tsar Boris III" Blvdл
Tel.:(02) 55-10-38, Fax: (02) 955-52-02
E-mail: tramcar@internet-bg.net